Why you should consider a career in recruitment

With soo much uncertainty at the moment in a post-pandemic world, it’s not surprising to see that people are becoming disillusioned and unsure about what their next step should be when it comes to their life… and especially with their careers.

Whether you’ve just finished University, looking to get back into the job market with a recruitment agency in Milton Keynes, or want a change of career, recruitment is quickly becoming one of the most promising industries to become a part of if you’re looking for good career progression and direction.

What does it take to become a recruiter?

If you have a background in problem solving, marketing, or have been in a customer-facing role before, you’re in luck.

Becoming a recruiter is an accessible career path for potential candidates from a number of different backgrounds.

Essentially, your job is to find the best candidate for the job. This means liaising with the client (business who are looking for a candidate to join their team) and the potential candidates for said job.

How do you get into recruitment?

If you have a flair for talking to people, can communicate well with a range of different levels of clients, and have a sense of compassion, you can get your foot in the door at a recruitment agency working as a recruiter.

If you’re worried about not having studied the right subjects at university or college, there are no recruitment specific University courses so everyone enters this career path on a relatively even playing field in terms of educational merit.

What’s the best job to gain experience before becoming a recruiter?

The general consensus among the recruitment industry is that any experience within a sales position is going to stand you in good stead should you wish to progress down this career path.

This makes a lot of sense as you’re essentially selling a particular job role to one of your ‘clients’ i.e. the potential candidate.

If you don’t have a background in a sales-type role, don’t worry! There are quite a few ways that you can sound impressive to a hiring manager even without sales experience.

Should you have experience working within the construction industry for example, you can focus your job application efforts towards recruitment companies who predominantly hire candidates for construction/labourer type roles.

This same works particularly well with software development/IT as job openings within this sector are increasing at rapid rate, which has been accelerated by more companies moving to remote working and focusing more time and financial resources into their IT structure.

A few tips to get into the recruitment industry without any prior experience

Take time developing your Linked-In profile: Come across as out-going, communicative, yet professional.

Sell your skills on your CV and cover letter: If you have any skills that you can use from previous roles that involve working in a team, working to tight deadlines, working in a fast-paced environment, selling a product over the phone, communicating with B2B clients etc.

Connect with industry professionals through Linked-In: Find a few recruitment companies on Linked-In and connect with them over a simple message stating your desire to get into the industry, ask for advice, state that you’re interested in landing a role, and they will have a direct source of information to base your capabilities on by taking a look at your Linked-In profile.

If you’re looking to get into the Recruitment industry yourself or need help finding the best candidates for your own recruitment strategy, get in touch with a Job Agency in Milton Keynes.