QuickBooks Error Code H202

QuickBooks is the most popular, versatile, and exceptional accounting software. Being used majorly by small and medium-sized businesses, the level of help driven from it is countless. From handling bookkeeping, accounting, and financial tasks to easing tax activity. One can gain a huge amount of help from the feature-loaded software aimed to ease business owner’s tasks. 

With all the benefits one achieves, the kind of error one has to go through, using the software is a drawback. QuickBooks Error H2O2 is a pretty common one but can be removed easily. Any software that you use comes with technical glitches and complications, similarly, QuickBooks has it. You can manage to fix it easily; QuickBooks services offer you the same. 

What’s an Error Code H202?

QuickBooks multi-user mode is especially the most targeted one with the error code H202. This type of issue occurs as the user access the QuickBooks company file that is placed somewhere else. 

It can be in some other computer, and when they copy the QuickBooks Services is unable to reach that specific server. 

Moreover, as the user tries to open the QB file in the multi-user mode, they often receive a problematic message.

What causes the QuickBooks Error H202?

This kind of error occurs when the QuickBooks Desktop is trying to have a connection with the company file. 

  1. Incorrect hosting configuration
  2. Conflicts with the DNS server
  3. QuickBooks is not able to get the IP address of the host system 
  4. The network data file is corrupted
  5. A server computer firewall is blocking

In case you are trying to work with a company file that is located on another computer, this copy of the QB is unable to reach the server of your computer. 

If you wish to work on a company file that is located on another computer, but that needs additional setup as well as installation

It looks like the software on your computer is set up that allows the shared connection for the 

company file. But the software isn’t able to communicate with the computer.

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What are some of the common symptoms of QuickBooks Error H2O2? 

  • QuickBooks Services freezes too much
  • Your computer is inactive
  • You are unable to switch to the multi-user mode
  • You are also unable to access your company file for no reason
  • Company file is inaccessible on the other computer
  • H202 error pops on your screen multiple times
  • Computer becomes sluggish

How to Resolve Error?

If you witness the error constantly on your screen, it is time to take the right action. 

Network connectivity

  1. Turn off the hosting from all workstations 
  2. From the workstations, you can take your server’s name
  3. Fill in your details, your server’s name, and then hit the Enter button on the keyboard
  4. In case you still witness your computer acting up, the error isn’t fixed.

Ping the Server

  1. Choose the run window in the workstation where the error is popping up
  2. Now put CMD is a text file and hit OK
  3. With that, from the workstation, you need to ping the server
  4. Now, you have to type ping_servername hit Enter
  5. You have to apply the above steps in all workstation that is getting the error
  6. If in case you still notice slower replies, it indicates the problem isn’t fixed yet. 

Install, Run the QB Database Server Manager

  1. Navigate to the Window Start Menu and hit on click 
  2. In your search field, type the word database
  3. Now from the list, choose QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. Look for a folder that stores company file and then you can find the folder using the browser
  5. Now, choose the folder
  6. The start scan button displayed on the screen should be clicked
  7. QBDBSM repairs the Firewall permission without seeking your approval, but automatically
  8. The scan will finish the work, so close the button
  9. You need to access QB on each of the workstations which are facing the error
  10. Now, on your software, navigate to the File menu and click it
  11. Search for the option Switch to multi-user mode 
  12. Once you spot the Multi-user mode, you need to troubleshoot the Error code H202

Make a new folder of your Company File

  1. You can create a new folder of your hosting computer
  2. Also, set up to share the folder
  3. Once done, your windows will seek permission for you to share your company file
  4. Your QuickBooks Database file has to be copied to a new folder
  5. Lastly, you need to open your company file in your Multi-user mode


The QB error code H202 can be fixed easily! If you follow the above-given steps, you will surely see fruitful results from it. The problem may still be present if you miss out on any single step given from the above list.